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Gastón Riveira

Chef, founder & alma mater one of the most successful grills in Buenos Aires: La Cabrera.

Gaston does not respond to the classic griller’s profile, he can be defined as a true cook: From merchandise selection and cost calculations, to trying each dish and trend investigation, he is in every single detail and is constantly innovating on the menu.

His destiny was to be a lawyer, but since he was a child he loved cooking, a true vocation born from his grandparents. After finishing high school, he decided to study cooking. He entered Alicia Berger's school and at the same time worked in different restaurants and hotels. He then traveled to Europe, studied in Lenotre, France, and did stages in Italy, London and Sao Paulo, and with Alex Atala, in Brazil.

“La Cabrera is a space for creation where I can express myself and look for new dishes, but it is also the place where I give myself the pleasure of reversing the classic dishes that I am so passionate about”.
“In the country of cows and great griller, La Cabrera will be remembered by several generations as a cult to grill”.

Gastón Riveira