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La Cabrera Experience

La Cabrera is a stakehouse that respects the escense and tradidition of the argentinian family, es una casa de carnes que respeta la tradición y la esencia de la famlia argentina, honouring tribute to the culinary culture of the Río de la Plata.

Every moment and feeling that our guests experience from the moment they arrive until they leave is designed to awake all their senses. The aromas and flavors of the place are intended to make them live a unique and incomparable gastronomic experience.

The secret is in the way we grill using special techniques and constantly experimenting with new things all the time. La Cabrera is a baroque neighborhood bistro, with an atmosphere that mixes the immigrant history of Buenos Aires with the spirit of a cosmopolitan city. A unique place that combines innovation with a warm and familiar atmosphere.

As a natural consequence of La Cabrera´s growth and the interest of many foreigners to live this unique experience outside Palermo, its expansion stage began. New venues opened in other countries to continue to tell how unique our way of cutting meat and grilling it is, keeping the La Cabrera experience as faithful as possible to Buenos Aires.

"What I love the most about all this is watching the brand as an ambassador in different countries”.

Gastón Riveira

Each of La Cabrera’s details was carefully thought. Each step, from the entrance, to the classic lollipops that sweeten the farewell, make up the various stages of the La Cabrera experience: a Buenos Aires stakehouse to enjoy in company.